5 Major Things to know about Lacrosse


The Basics

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sport in the U.S. today, especially in the college division. It is one of the few fast paced, exciting contact sports available to all ages, even kids! Let’s learn the basics of the game, it’s plays some of the types of equipment.

Ground balls – are loose balls which also team can pick up. Groundballs are the equal of a well again fumble in football, except for they occur much more often in lacrosse.

Scooping – is the act of option up a groundball with a lacrosse stick. Coaches educate this ability early plus often by telling players to curve their knees when they scoop, and do it from side to side the ball in one motion.

Checking – is a division of lacrosse, it is often skilled in early practices. the spring season usually begins by education poke checks plus slap check to new players. To add to player safety, checks might be skilled on a stick hanging from side to side the netting of a cage.

Player Positions – are significant to know, too. In lacrosse, three attack men stay in the offensive side of the field the entire game, three defenseman wait in the suspicious side of the field and Three midfielders wrap all side of the ground. The goalie clearly guards the cage.


lacrosse gameJust like any other team sport, careful planning and knowing how your players perfom is key to a good offense. Preparation is also crucial like how each player’s time will be depleted on the field, on a specific position and what they need to do afterwards. Having guidelines and learning different types of plays will pave the way for your understanding about offense.

Practice also comes in here, determining each players’ specialty and honing them will be the key to an explosive offense. Doing scrimmages also lets the players gain experience in both defending and trying to score. Note that its not only the goalie’s job to defend, the players in the field also need to prevent the offensive team getting close to the cage as a great deal as possible. It is a contact sport afterall.


Aside from the basic skills like passing, catching, shooting, endurance, speed and teamwork.

Mental stability is also one of the fundamentals that most players need. However the fundamentals do not stop there. The equipment, and choosing the best equipment suitable for the player is also part of this. And the most important of them is the cleats.

Cleats are shoes that are specialized in letting athletes step on dirt, or grassy fields and gain control to avoid slipping while running. Some common sports that use cleats are baseball, American football, soccer, and lacrosse. These type of shoes give a firm grip even when the grass or dirt is wet. Typical best lacrosse cleats have 8~10 nubs at the bottom of the shoe.

Mental Game

Like we have discussed that mental stability is a fundamental of the sport. Emotions like frustration, anger, fear, anxiety will always pop up. And handling these will well is one of the best weapons any lacrosse player, even coach will have. Keeping it cool and calm even when losing can most of the time turn a game around.

Team Game

You are not playing alone, you have your team and coach with you. Everyone is there to help each other and win. Information, techniques and sometimes training habits are improved along with everyone. You are never alone as there will always be more than 10 players on the team.