3 Best Fitness Training Specificity for Squash Players


Playing squash is fun. However, if you plan on taking it to the next level then it is important that you begin on a fitness training program. In fact, if you get into a physical program, you will be able play at your peak capabilities. There are a variety of training methods that can help you stay in a good physical condition. You simply need to choose the ones that work for you.

As you choose a training method, ensure it remains as specific to the sport as possible. If you’re going to play squash, then there’s no need to go for training method that’s meant for basketball players. Stay as relevant as possible.

As a training principle, specificity ensures that the training effect is maximized properly. The following are some of the best specificity training for squash players.

1. Training Variance

If you are planning to join a fitness program then you need to understand that fitness involves different types of workouts. Each workout varies according to it’s need. For a squash player, endurance is a very important factor. However, a squash player should possess attributes such as power, speed, strength, agility, stability, and mobility among others.

Get to know your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you can also include drills in the training sessions to address your weaker areas.

2. Strength

This is basically the foundation of any good athlete. A strong squash player is able to:

• Resist injury
• Have an explosive power
• Stable in lunge and shot
• Accelerate around the court

For this reason, incorporating a strength training into your fitness program can help you go a long way. Strength training mainly involves heavy resistance, longer resting periods and low reps. You can also use body weights to train for strength.

3. Recovery time

Training hard can be exhausting. Therefore, you need to allow yourself some quality recovery time. The harder you train, the harder you should rest!

A good recovery includes a healthy nutrition and some god sleep. Apart from these, you can recover by:

• Getting a relaxing massage
• Foam rolling
• Going for cryotherapy
• Doing light cardio

It is important to note that your growth and development occurs when you are rating and not when you’re in the gym as perceived by many people. Ensure you get a good recovery. It is through this that you will be able to improve your squash specificity conditioning.

In order to stay comfortable on the court, it is essential that you get a great pair of squash shoes. Buying squash shoes is quite an easy task. As a squash player, you definitely know the brands that work for you. However, brand or no brand, you need to go for contort and stability. The best squash shoes – http://squashhq.com/best-squash-shoes/ –  are good for injury prevention and quality performance in the court. Remember, the more comfortable you feel, the higher the chances of unleashing the best performance. But, you should also develop a habit of changing your squash shoes at least after every 6 months depending on how many times you play a week.

In conclusion, fitness training specificity is essential for squash players. Building strength and endurance is one of the greatest factors that build strong athletes. With this, a squash player is able to remain stable in the court. In fact, the player develops resistance to injury thereby improving his performance in the court. So, if you want to improve your squash, consider incorporating a fitness training specificity!