P90X Recovery Drink Review

Are you looking for an honest P90X Recovery Drink Review? Well you have come to the right place. I kept thinking to myself don’t buy the P90X recovery drink because it won’t work and I will waste my money.

Well I ended up buying it and I am going to be shedding some light on the P90X Recovery Drink Formula and if it really lives up to the hype that it says it does, in helping you to get ripped.

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 P90X Recovery Drink Review – Does It Work?

One of the post-workout supplements that I have been recommending, if not the only one I recommend, is the P90X Results and Recovery Formula because I used it during my amazing P90X transformation and got completely RIPPED

At first, I didn’t understand the importance of post-workout recovery, and then after doing much research, I quickly found out that it’s crucial if you want to repair muscle properly, build lean muscle, burn fat, and get faster results. That’s why I wrote this P90X Recovery Drink Review.

The very first thing that people see when they look over the nutrition label of the P90X Recovery Drink Formula is the high sugar content and low protein amount and immediately get skeptical. That’s when I get emails asking what’s the point of working out if they are just going to ruin it by taking in all that sugar afterwards.

I don’t blame them because I used to think the exact same way and thought protein was the best, until I learned the importance of post-workout recovery and what your body really needs in order to get the most from each and every workout.

This was really one of the main reasons why I wanted to have an article on my P90X Recovery Drink Review to help others understand the science behind why your body needs this one particular drink.

P90X Recovery Drink Review – The Science Behind It

When you work out, your body uses the glycogen stores in the muscles to fuel your workouts. Once you finish your workouts, your muscles have become depleted of glycogen and need to be restored right away.

This glycogen is a carbohydrate/sugar source, which spikes your insulin levels and in return helps you to recover from intense workouts. Usually, when you take in sugar, it causes fat storage, but since the muscles are so depleted after a workout, they act like a sponge and soak up all the quick carbohydrates or sugars that was just put into your body.

The great thing about the P90X Recovery Drink is that it contains a perfect 4 to 1, carb to protein ratio, and also has a ton of other ingredients for recovery like the amino acids matrix like glutamine, arginine, and even creatine, as well as key vitamins/minerals that are necessary for muscle recovery.

So when the muscles soak up the glycogen, they also soak up these ingredients as well, leading to proper muscle recovery and also helping to aid in muscle strength, performance, and even ignites fat loss!

P90X Recovery Drink Review – Why I Love This Stuff!

Not only is the P90X Recovery Drink crucial for post workout recovery, but it tastes amazing as well! It actually tastes like an orange cream sickle! I have taken and tested a lot of nutritional supplements over the years from GNC, Vitamin World, online supplement stores (bodybuilding.com for example).

With the use of well over a dozen different post workout supplements, nothing on the market compares to the powerful ingredients, let alone the real results, that the P90X Results & Recovery Formula produces if you are looking to get into the best shape of your life!

P90X Results and Recovery Formula is by far the best post-workout supplement that I have come across. If you want to purchase or learn more about the P90X Recovery Drink, you can do so by clicking on the link below as that is my personal coach link.

Also if you purchase through my coach link I will coach you for FREE, plus give you an example template of my nutrition/meal plan that I used for P90X that got me RIPPED in 90 days, and helped me to win $1,000 in the Beachbody Challenge Contest!